Sunday, February 1, 2009

Random Pics


I thought I would post a few pictures....
These are from 2006 and also our wedding in 2007. We are soon to be celebrating our 2nd year Anniversary! Well, not until April 7th, but it will soon be upon us!
The first picture here is from our wedding day. As you can see, everyone looks cheerful (although tired)...all except for Josh, who wasn't real happy that his parents were not getting back together. So, he didn't smile. He looked quite pitiful actually. I felt bad...but you know, each of us is different. I remember wanting to have my parents back together...even if they didn't like eachother, it's really a feeling we sometimes cannot control. He's fine now :) I don't think there has been another family picture taken that he looks this miserable...thank the Lord!

The girls and I got ready in the church nursery....Gabe and Jordan had a blast playing while we waited :)

Mark and I standing on a beach in Port Huron (Lake Huron is behind up)...we spent the last night of our honeymoon there.

I love this picture of Mark and the girls!!

The day we got engaged :)
It was October 2nd...which is my brother's birthday. He had died earlier that year and Mark wasn't sure if it was appropriate to pop the question on his b-day. I was okay with it...he would have been happy for us! Plus, I will never forget that date :)

This is the view from the spot that Mark asked me to marry him. It was a beautiful evening and we were the only people in the park at the time (that we knew of!). This was also the spot were we had our first kiss :) It's a special bench!

More random pictures another time! Gotta hit the hay!

~Bethany :)

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