Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sickness & Student Teaching

Gabe is sick :(

Remember, I took him to the Dr. last Saturday? The Dr. took one look at his throat and said it was sure to be strep. I started him on the medication...he was better the next day....then, this past Friday night, he climbed into bed early and went to sleep, all on his own! That's not Gabe. Then, yesterday, he got a fever. Last night, I had him sleep with me, just to make sure I could keep watch over him (yes, I am paranoid!). I don't like it when he is sick because it doesn't happen often....and he still has a tough time explaining what hurts. I don't understand how he could be taking an antibiotic and still run a fever. What's up with that?

I guess I will be calling the Dr. tomorrow.

I received confirmation for student teaching! Woohoo! I start March 2nd and will continue until June 5th (which is Alex's graduation day....not sure how that will work!). I'm kind of nervous...this is a whole new adventure!!! I truly have NO idea what I am doing!! I just hope Sara (my mentoring teacher) likes me!!! (I'm so needy, eh??)

Have a blessed evening!!

~Bethany :)

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foreststomper said...

I am so excited about your student teaching Bethany. It is a new adventure and one that you are going to do wonderfully at. You have all of my support and will get through this fine. I love you ;)