Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Scenes From Our World...

It's official. I can't sleep here at the hospital. My neighbor had an...well, let's say an accident. And the nurses turned on ALL the bright lights. I started to cough when I finally got comfy again...I tried the earplugs. I tried the ipod. I just can't sleep. This IV thingy is stinging.

Anyhoo...I decided that I would try to post this again.

1. (above) Mark and the kids (minus Alex) at one of my favorite parks down the road. I cannot WAIT until the weather is like this again!!

2. There is an actual 'Sled Hill' a few miles from our home. It's a park that made a hill just for sledding...can you imagine?? There is even a 'warming house' at the bottom. Here are 5 of the crew making their way back to the top.

3. Christmas at Uncle Bob's (minus dad). Included are my cousin Matt, his wife DiAnn and their sweet new baby Amelia!

4. I had to include this picture of Buttercup...our house cat. She is a good kitty :)

5. Dad and I this past December at a Christmas party. I brought Gabe and Jordan to the American Legion (where Dad is the Commander) and they talked to Santa and got a present...pretty good deal!

6. Oops...half of the group isn't looking at the camera! Oh well :) Here we are in Kentucky, visiting Mark's dad and his wife (minus Alex and Sam...and me-I am taking the picture!)

Last Spring....Gabe was a 'star' in his class performance.

*NOTE--I am listening to the iPod right this very moment and a Toby Mac song is playing...not exactly sleepy music!! lol

Here I am in Holland...no, not the one far away! Mark and I were able to take a short trip to celebrate our 1st Anniversary last year. Behind me is a lighthouse and Lake Michigan.

I just like this picture! This was taken right after Christmas, 2007. Mark, Gabe and Alex (and myself) are standing on the frozen lake across the road from our home.

Someone (aka me) had this brilliant idea to have all the kids get hermit crabs. So, last January, we did just that. And now, I feed them! Sure, they were exciting for a few weeks....anyone want a hermit crab? Or two?? We only have 4 left!!

I suppose that is all for now! I don't know how I will sleep. The snoring has begun again. The nurses are talking in the hall. You know, this is an expensive place to be...you would think it would be a little more comfortable! Maybe I am missing something....

God Bless You All!

~Bethany :)

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