Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Drama!!

Okay...so I worked for a whole hour posting something and I had to scrap the whole deal! What a drag!

Then, I am at the hospital (long story...I'll tell ya about it asap) and my IV started to leak. So, the nurse had to transfer it from my arm to my hand (that was a bit painful). Now I am watching it to make sure that it doesn't 'back up' if you know what I mean. Last time I had one of those, the vein in my hand grew to a scary size...it was not good. It's been 5 minutes and nothing bad has happened so far!

I should probably try to sleep....my neighbor here is a snore-er. And she sleeps with the TV on. Mark brought me the iPod to listen to. And I have ear plugs. But what if my hand explodes after I fall asleep?? The drama....

I will post what I had planned tomorrow!

Good night/Good morning!


~Bethany :)

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