Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Snow...

We are getting hit with more snow today. Although it is beautiful, I am sick of it. It took me an hour to get to work....twice as long as normal! At least I got here safely. We will see how it goes at midnight when I try to drive back home!!! UGH.
Mark's birthday went well :) Our friends, Rob and Lisa, came over for dinner. They were entertained by all of our least I hope they considered that entertainment! The lasagna and key lime pie turned out rather nice too. I gave Mark one of those memory foam pillows....and a Bible Explorer CD-Rom....which came in the mail the next day. I think there are a lot of different translations of the Bible on it or something...I'm not sure! Mark said he had wanted it so I ordered it for him from CBD (Christian Book Distributers).
Rob and Lisa brought him a bag of Dunkin Donuts coffee...a new coffee cup, and a book. Funny, Mark didn't drink coffee before he met me! I've ruined him!
Yesterday, I took 3 of our brood to catch a bus from church to a winter retreat. Our church was kind enough to give us scholarships so they could attend. So, Alex, Sam and Alyssa should be enjoying a day full of tubing, rock wall climbing and worship. The camp where they went looked beautiful from what I saw online. I hope Alyssa is making some friends...she struggles in that department...the social department. I hope she grows out of it. Anyway, we will get a report sometime tomorrow evening!
I went in for my infusion this past Thursday. I can't really tell if it did anything or not. It may take a few time before I see a major difference. It took 3 hours!
More news later...gotta work!
~Bethany :)

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