Friday, February 27, 2009

The Dream ~ MEGA Southland Youth Reunion ~ The Brewster Years

I haven't posted for awhile....I've been busy with poor Gabe. He is better now :) I took him to the Dr. and they did a blood test for mono (!) and it came back negative. They also did a urine test, which was fine too. The Dr. concluded that he got a virus on top of the strep. Go figure.

I took him to Disney on Ice last night. Or should I say, he took me? I've always wanted to go! We were up kind of high, in the 'cheap seats', but it was still fun! I'm glad we had the experience but I don't think I'll be going again until I have grandchildren to spoil :)

Something else that has kept me busy the past few days is this grand idea that I create a MEGA youth reunion in 2010 for everyone that went to my home church. Everyone that had Brewster for a youth minister. Brewster McLeod has been on staff at Southland Christian Church since 1979 (he actually started as an intern in 1977 I believe). He ministered to hundreds of 'kids'! I am one of those kids.

SO, I posted a note and created a 'group' on Facebook. I titled it the same title as this post. Around 90 people have joined in just 2 days! It's very exciting!!! Next, I have to set a to someone from Southland to reserve the grounds and such....I have no idea what I am doing, but I know it must be done!!!

I'll keep you posted :)

I am working for a few hours then heading to church for Comedy for a Cause...which is always a fun-filled evening. Except that I have a headache....which I am praying goes away very soon!


~Bethany :)

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