Saturday, February 28, 2009

Quick Notes...

This reunion that must is definitely going to take a LOT of people pitching in to help!
I made contact with my home church. I thought the best place to have it would be there on the grounds. The person that wrote me said that probably can't happen....I don't understand why. He gave me his phone number, so I am going to call him next week and see how that works. Why couldn't we have it there? Hmmmm....

Gabe is feeling MUCH better :)

Comedy For A Cause was great fun last night! Taylor Mason was there...he is a RIOT. I'll have to see if he is on YouTube.

I had that headache forever it seemed but it finally went away later this morning. Thank the Lord!

OH....we had a rough morning. Sam was scheduled to be in Solo & Ensemble. He's been practicing for weeks with 4 other people in his choir. Well, we went to the school where the event was held and found that we had missed it completely! His group was scheduled for 9:25 a.m. and Sam was sure that his time was 10:45 a.m. It was HORRIBLE!!! We talked to his teacher....she felt so bad. You know, because of Sam's ADHD, he doesn't do well with times. I mean, it is his fault for getting the time wrong, but I should have double checked....I knew that this was a possibility but I wanted to be able to trust Sam to get the right time. What a drag :(
He feels terrible because he didn't get a medal with the rest of the group AND he had a duet with a girl for one song and she ended up singing alone. I felt so badly for him. Why didn't I just double check the time????

That's gonna take a while to get over....

Better go.


~Bethany :)

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