Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Student Teaching Update

Well, I have been a 'student teacher' for all of TWO days!
Yesterday, my mentoring teacher was absent....which was a little awkward! I sat in the classroom with a sub for the day.
Today was good. I really like my mentoring teacher, Sara. She is quite a bit younger than me as well (no surprise) but we seem to click pretty well. Funny....while I was introducing myself to one of the classes, I told them I have a son that is a Senior there. They thought that was 'cool'. And I added, jokingly, "I know I don't look old enough to have a Senior....". DEAD SILENCE. The poor things didn't know what to say! I shouldn't do that to teenagers....it's not right :)
I am at work now at my 'real job' until 10 p.m. On Thursday, I will go in to the hospital for my 2nd infusion. I am glad because the pain is returning...
I talked with a man from Southland today...you know, the church where I grew up....where we want to have the MEGA Reunion? It appears we need to find a new location. They just don't have events like that on the grounds. SO....I am going to write our Facebook group a note and see what ideas we can come up with.
I'll keep you posted :)
Alex, the oldest, is going on a 4-day trip with school tomorrow....he is in Youth In Government. I suppose he will be doing debates and other political-type duties. I'm sure he will have a good time!
That's all for now....
~Bethany :)

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