Friday, March 6, 2009

Busy Week!

I made it through ONE WHOLE WEEK of student teaching! Woo hoo! And guess what? I actually taught today :) I taught a room full of 11th graders all about concubines. Can you imagine a better subject?? HA! Actually, it wasn't too bad. I even learned a few things myself :)

I do like it though. I'm getting to know my mentoring teacher better....she is great! I really like her. What a relief!! And I am pretty sure she likes me too, which makes it even better.

I have new information regarding the MEGA Reunion. I sent a group email out to all the members and asked their thoughts about where to have the event. I specifically asked one man, Don, if he knew of a farm (thinking that he may even OWN a farm) and he responded almost immediately. He said he would LOVE to have it at his place! There ya go! I just hope, if there are 600 people there, that we can accommodate!!!

Better go...I'm at work (my 'real' job)!


~Bethany :)

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