Thursday, January 29, 2009


Apparently, our state missed the lovely weather that is annoying the folks below us. There has been a lot of ice....I know this because some of my Facebook pals live in Kentucky and they were hit real good! We really should call Mark's dad and see how he is doing in that mess...he lives down there in horse country.

I really like how Facebook works. I've found people that I knew when I was in 5th and 6th grade for Pete's sake! I even found my 6th grade teacher. She remembered my red hair :)
I found my older brother's best friend from high school, which is nice since my brother has passed away (February 13, 2006)...he reminds me of Steve and it makes me feel better for some strange reason.

I also have become 'friends' again with people from my church youth group so many years ago. Even my youth minister is on there! Oh, and people that I've known through the years in college or in past jobs. It's really cool!

I don't really spend much time on Facebook but it's nice to know that those people are there. I have a connection with each and every one of them. I do not become 'friends' with anyone I don't really know or that I shouldn't have a relationship with for whatever reason. One must be smart. Afterall, it is still the Internet. All kinds of weirdees get on there!

I am at work. Gonna leave soon. Mark and I are supposed to go out tonight. Maybe we will use our giftcard for Stir Crazy....that's a fun place to eat :)

Seems everyone is fighting some type of illness or oldest stepdaughter is sick with a cold/fever, G. has a runny nose and Mark and I are feeling a little off. We gotta pray that we can fight off whatever is going around!


~Bethany :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Matt 19:14 - Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

'You know why the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like the children? Because children can have cancer, be in agony, throw up 30 times a day, barely able to walk, need morphine just to keep from crying... and still give hugs, say 'I love you', dance with her friends, smile, be thankful and never once complain.

Then we grow up... and moan about unfairness, express discontent about what we don't have, murmur and grump over every discomfort, say 'I love you' only when we feel like it is deserved, forget to be thankful and of course, we are WAY too embarrassed to dance, showing our love for just being alive.'

Mark says not to read sad things....and I understand why, because I tend to get 'involved' and I tend to worry about our kids. But these families need all the prayer they can get! If my baby was sick or even dying or had cancer....whatever....I would want to have as many people pray as possible!! I respect what Mark is saying, but I need to pray for my sister's children.

The first few paragraphs above are from another blog by the Rigg family. Their adopted daughter has cancer and is struggling to get through treatment. I thought this father's words were so is completely true!

I had to share!
I am going to put a link to the Rigg's family's blog on the side...please pray for this sweet baby girl.

Bethany :)

January 25

Guess what??

I am OFF on Monday and Tuesday! I thought I was only off on Monday, but I checked my planner after church and I was so happy to see I have two whole days off!!

Let's hope I use my time wisely :)

I would LOVE to say that I am going to give the whole house a thorough cleaning, move furniture around to liven up the drab environment and maybe even start my scrapbook project for Alex! Realistically, I will probably lounge around a bit, clean a little and spend time with Mark and the kids :)

Church was so FUN this morning! I love singing in the choir! I love singing in general!--I'm so blessed to be able to sing (to have a voice) and to have such an awesome church home. If the special that we did today goes on our church webcast, I will definitely post it on here!

We had a great talk with all the kids today about angels and the Spiritual Realm that we are unable to see. Mark and I were talking about it last night after the kids had gone to bed....we've never really discussed that topic with them before. It's important that they know that it is part of us as Christians. Anyway, the kids were interested and made several good points...asked many questions!

S. (my 13 year old) seems to be doing well with this new medication. We started at 40 mg and the Dr. suggested to try 60 mg after four days...well, S. was not able to keep it down if you know what I mean. So, Mark talked with the Dr. and even though that could have been a fluke and he could have thrown up due to several other reasons, we asked if S. could continue on the 40 mg for now. I mean, it doesn't even really start to work for two weeks. It's been 10 days and there already seems to be a change for the better. We are seeing that S. isn't getting as upset as usual and he is more calm....less anxious and more satisfied. OH, I am praying that this will help him! He is such a talented, sweet young man...God can use him for mighty things!!! He's been struggling for so very long....

I am at work. On Sunday. Until midnight. I am thankful to have this job! I'd just rather be home with the family on Sunday night :(

I should hear something about my student teaching internship soon. I am waiting for confirmation that my application has been accepted so I can prepare. Life is going to be a challenge for those 3 months!

I must go for now!


~Bethany :)

Friday, January 23, 2009


We need someone to come over and organize our home!!!

Mark and I had planned to move to a different house by now...seems like that isn't going to be possible for quite some time. It's not easy to stay organized with all the kids and very little space. And there isn't any's all tan :(

I just wish we could make it more comfortable....

I'm getting ready to go home now (been working since 8 a. m.!). I finally have a day off tomorrow! Course, I won't get anything done...all the kids will be there and we will be spending time with them. Such is life!!


~Bethany :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009


That word is just plain ugly.


Websters defines divorce as 'the action or an instance of legally dissolving a marriage' (

I always feel a little hypocritical when I tell people how terrible it is to divorce. After all, I have been divorced...Mark has been divorced. It's not pretty! In each of our situations, our spouses made the decision to 'dissolve'. Although our divorces were 'biblically acceptable' and all, it didn't (and still doesn't!) make it easier.

If I could express how difficult it is to divorce, I would. I know a few couples that are on the edge of something drastic and the only reason they are contemplating divorce is because they 'don't get along anymore'. Sure, there are valid reasons for divorce....such as abuse, adultery, abandonment....but it's definitely not a good enough reason to 'not get along'!! But we see it all the time.

Divorce is heartbreaking. Even if you don't like your spouse anymore by the time it happens, there is a marital bond that breaks and it is impossible to explain to one who has never experienced it. Yeah...even if you don't love that person anymore, there is a bond. Actually, anyone that you have 'relations' with...whether you are married to them or not...that bond is there. That is why it is SO important not to have pre-marital sex. If you do, it really causes problems! Not only is it a sin problem...but the reason that God doesn't want us to do it is because of this bond.

That's why so many people marry the wrong person!!! It took me awhile to figure this all out!

See, if you have pre-marital sex with whoever your dating, whether you are planning to marry them or not, you are BONDED. And if you bond with someone you aren't going to be happy with for the rest of your life, or someone that God did not intend for you to marry, you are in HUGE trouble! If you are having 'relations' for 'for fun' or for whatever reason, you could possibly end up marrying that person. That is exactly what happens. You almost feel obligated to do it! This bond is very strong people!!!

This breaking of the marital bond thing that happens with a divorce is surely the reason why the couple gets upset, argues...all kinds of negative feelings are created. Worse than when they were together! It's terrible.

And the kids....oh my goodness. That's another post!

The saying that pops into my head when I discuss this topic is, "Do as I say, not as I do". I know, I know. I am divorced. I remarried. What's her face......Dr. Laura? Do you know who I am talking about? She says that if you divorce, not to remarry until your children are grown. She's not the only one...many Christian psychologists say the same...or to wait at least 5 years. For Mark and my situation, so many positive changes have taken place within my children's life since he has arrived. His presence has helped them in so many ways. That's probably another post as well :)

I pray often...I wish I could say daily, but that wouldn't be honest...that our children will 'do as we say, not as we do'. I pray that they will wait to date. I pray they will date only to find the one God has intended for them...not just date 'for fun' to whoever they are attracted to at the moment. Mark and I talk to them about it....some of them could care less at this time in their life...but we still discuss it. It is SO important. To me, who you marry is the 2nd most important decision you will EVER make. The first, well, that is the decision to accept Christ as your personal Savior :)

I'm done rambling! Pray for your kids and their future spouse. Pray for your marriage. If you are struggling and you don't have a biblical reason to divorce (or there is no abuse involved), don't give up!!! God can still make your life beautiful!!!!


~Bethany :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Day Off

Yesterday, being Martin Luther King Day and all, made it possible for me to spend some time with my boys!

The day started slowly...we slept in while Mark left early (to pick up his new stenograph machine!). Well...except G., the 6 year old, came into my room before I was awake to make his presence known. He's very chipper in the morning you know. All I remember saying is, "G., can you let me sleep a little longer? Maybe find a few books to read? Something quiet to do? Huh?". That worked for all of, oh, 5 minutes! Wouldn't you know, this morning, when I had to get up for work, he slept in!

Anyway, the boys all had appointments to get their teeth was the only day I had! So, we got a bite to eat beforehand and drove over to our new dentist's office.

See, when Mark lost his job, we lost dental insurance (along with health insurance of course). We immediately applied for Medicaid for the kids. There are only two dentists in our area that accept Medicaid. When you pull up to some of these places, you never know what you are going to get! As we rode the elevator up to the second floor, A., my 18 year old, said something about having Medicaid before and having to use 'lesser' medical so many words. He wasn't upset about it...just making that recognition, that's all.

I immediately thought of missionaries. When they come back to the states for their furlough, what would they use for medical insurance? Their options are to either pay for their own plan or apply for Medicaid (I am assuming?). And what do the adults do? Medicaid is only for children., people with disabilities and Senior Citizens, right?

Anyway, we are so very fortunate to have what we have....even if the dentist doesn't provide handheld games or a prize box! The boy's appointment went well...G. was so excited that he was able to sit 'like a good boy' and have a cleaning! He was satisfied with a sticker and a new toothbrush :) I was thrilled that all 3 boys were cavity-free!

We then proceeded to the mall--one of my favorite indoor activities! I was able to find G. some new tennis shoes at Marshall's (I love that store) and I treated the boys to an Aunt Annie's pretzel. I wonder what the fat content is in one of those suckers? It's gotta be high!!

To top off the day, Mark and I went out for 'Date Night'. We ate Chinese and went shopping at is good :)

Now, it's back to work and the boys are back at school. But it's not just another day....we officially have a new President! He will need lots of prayer!!!


~Bethany :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

I Must Share!

This is SO funny!

I sent a mass email out to all my friends/family to announce this Dad emailed me back and said (paraphrased), "You scared me for a minute! When I saw you were announcing a 'blog' I didn't know what is was....I thought you were pregnant!!!"

How funny is that??? :)

Well Dad, now you know what a blog is!!


~Bethany :)

Winter Scenes

Ahhh...Winter! Although I am amazed at how beautiful the world looks outside my window today, I'd prefer to experience Winter just that way...looking outside, not being outside! Especially not driving in it! lol Oh well. It is beautiful and God did create it, so I'll make lemonaide...I can handle it.

Here are a few pictures taken in the past few weeks. I wish I could put on more, but I have to take the boys to the dentist!


~Bethany :)

SEVEN Stockings...8 if you count Buttercup's (the cat)

Cutting down the tree (yes, J. is holding an ax)

This is what our street looked like a few days ago!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


So..this is how it is.

I am 38 years old and married to a wonderful, loving, God-fearing, sweetheart of a man....I have 3 amazing boys and 4 lovely step kids--all healthy so far. I am a nationally certified Interpreter for the Deaf...which is a rewarding and interesting profession. I am close to finishing up a Masters in Secondary Education...soon to be doing my student teaching internship. I have an awesome church home and have the privilege of being on the worship team and the choir. My Dad lives 8 miles from me and my Aunt and Uncle are close by as well. My mother and I are estranged....(that is a weird word!) but that is nothing new.

My life is good!! God has blessed me much more than I deserve :)

I guess everyone has a thorn in their side (so to speak) and mine happens to be
Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I obtained this autoimmune disease while pregnant with my 3rd son, G. I was 32 years old and I believe it was 2003....yes, because G. was born in November of 2002 but the Dr. did not make a diagnosis until January of 2003. Anyway, when I heard this diagnosis, I knew NOTHING about Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA for short) and thought it was just a disease for 'old people'. After some research, I remembered that I had heard of JRA--Juvenile RA--and that RA is definitely not just for the elderly. That type of arthritis is generally Osteoarthritis. SO, anywho...getting hit with this disease was quite a blow! It started out quite aggressive. I went from never having to take any medications to taking some strong drugs. It effected my knees and feet at first. I remember not being able to walk well many mornings. I was interpreting at a college at that time and one morning, I parked and started to attempt to walk to my client's classroom (which wasn't even that far from the lot) and it took me a good half hour and there were tears hurt so badly. My son, Alex, was 12 at the was just us, me and the 3 boys. G. was a newborn and he had to sleep with me because I couldn't lift him from his crib if he woke up in the middle of the night. Alex was my right hand man...I couldn't have done much without him at the time. He could help with diapers, bottles, tying shoes...I would leave a cell phone with him at night in case I needed him. He was a trooper! And he is such a fine man today...already 18!

Today, I still have issues. We (meaning the Dr. and I) had hoped that my medicines would cause some type of remission to occur by now. They haven't. I take Humera injections, Methotrexate....Prednisone. If the Humera doesn't work, I have to consider infusion medication. Which would mean that I have to go to the hospital every two weeks and take my medication through an IV. I really would rather not! It's more dangerous. Plus, it seems uncomfortable on many levels!

But you know....I could have cancer. I could have a sick child. I could be alone. I could be a non-Christian and not know the love of my Father in heaven. I could be confined to a wheelchair or a bed. But I am none of these! Others are, and I feel so badly for them. I cannot complain that I have RA. Well, I admit...sometimes I do complain :) Mostly to Mark....poor thing! The kids know to be careful around my hands...which are greatly effected now (mainly the wrists). They are swollen almost constantly and if hit, there is excruciating pain involved!

What I am trying to say life is good! The RA stinks sometimes, but it could be much, much worse.

Gotta go for now!
Many Blessings!

~Bethany :)

Friday, January 16, 2009


Hello! It was so darn cold today that they cancelled school for the whole county! (Or it least it would seem that way). Mark's kids were off today anyway so we got them early (last night) so I'm sure they are ALL (all 7) having a wonderful time at home now....while I am working! Poor Mark...home alone with the kids....stuck indoors. We'll see what the damage is when I return.

AH...they will be fine I'm sure. I am the one that struggles with taking care of all 7...Mark is WAY more patient than me. My biggest problem is that I don't like conflict....which isn't quite realistic for a person in my position! lol

It looks like Mark may have found a stenograph machine for around $500. That is one great deal. So, one of my 'concerns' listed below has been taken care of :) Course, free is always better...but it doesn't always work out that way!

I took S., my 13 year old, to the Dr. yesterday for an evaluation concerning his ADHD. We are going to try a new med. I know....I don't like it. But honestly, if he is going to survive into adulthood, he is going to need some help! It may just be temporary. I don't even know if this medication will work for him. I think we tried this one when he was in 4th grade and he slept during class. Now that he is older, we will see if he has the same side effect. Mark and I went to his school yesterday morning to see his drama class put on a short was cute. They did 3 fairy tales that were a bit 'off' a funny way. S. was a messenger in one story and a wolf in the other. He did good. Next week, he starts practice for the big Spring Musical....

We are thinking about taking the kids to the movies tomorrow....I wonder if "Hotel for Dogs" is any good?

We had a good conversation with the kids last night about being light in the's interesting to hear Mark's kids talk about the contrasts they see with the kids in public school as opposed to the kids they knew in their former Christian school. Mark's daughter, J., seems very comfortable sharing the gospel! That's good, cause for the rest of us, it isn't so easy! I hope she is able to feel the same as she gets older...that is truly a gift.

We enjoy talking with the kids...seems the best time is in the evening before bed. They share about school, pets, awkward situations....they will bring up prayer requests. S. (my 13 year old) will usually say over and over, "Okay, let's go to bed--come on guys...are you done yet??". Nice, eh? Now, if we were watching a movie, he wouldn't say a thing! He'd stay up all night! Must be related to ADD.....sigh...

Back to work!!


~Bethany :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back to School!

My husband Mark started his class last night! He graduated High School in 1990 and took some college courses a few years later. Then, more children came along and life got a bit more complicated. He never was able to finish.

Fast forward to 2009...his recent layoff is making it possible to go back. See? Good things come from bad things :) The problem we are having now is trying to find a stenograph machine. If anyone knows where to get one (CHEAP) or has one we can borrow....we would be very appreciative. Those suckers are expensive! A decent one costs $1000 - $1500.

It is not even (technically) mid-January and I am already tired of Winter---I don't want more snow and I surely don't want the temperature to fall to zero degrees tonight! Brrrrr!!!


~Bethany :)

Friday, January 9, 2009


I am thinking today....thinking of how God is going to work in our lives during this challenging time.
I have a list here of concerns. I am not Worried is not the right word at all. Not that I don't worry....I am human after all. But I have learned through these trials that God has a much greater plan than me. It is sometimes necessary to have changes to get to the good stuff :)
Nonetheless, here is....

Bethany's Official List of Concerns

My son S. and his behavior...praying it will improve and we will all be happier! He is maturing slowly, but I prefer he moves ahead a little quicker before he gets himself into more trouble. We are thinking of trying new medication...I'm am leery of side effects. What is going to work best for him?

Our vehicle 'issue'. We have a minivan and a Ford Fusion. The Fusion is a lease and we are unable to keep it due to Mark's job loss. If we wake up one morning and do not see it, we will know why (I's not a pretty situation)! We have a little money put away for a used beater car....but my concern is that we find one that is reliable and fitting for our large family. Ideally, we need a 12 passenger van.

My son A. and his future plans. We have an idea where he may go to college...but he needs scholarships!!! Should he pursue elsewhere or keep trying for his 1st pick?

My student teaching placement....will my finanial aid cover class cost? Will we survive with me working 1/2 time, student teaching full-time and RA?? Will the mentor teacher and I be fast friends? What am I getting myself into???

Mark's need for a stenograph machine for school. How can we afford this? Can our lawyer friend find one he can borrow or buy cheaply (these things are $1500 or more!). We need to pray that Dave, our lawyer friend, can find one of these devices!

So...that's it!
I'll keep ya posted on how God will work in our lives!


~Bethany :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Answered Prayer!

Just wanted to let you know that Baby Stellan is just fine now! God took care of him :)

I am working today...sigh....I actually like my job, really! I am still grieving from not being able to be home with the kids more. At the hours I am working, they are all in school (for the most part) but I tend to work at least one shift during the weekend. I just feel far away from them...

Mark is a trooper--he takes care of the homestead for me while I am away. What would I have done without him??

Have a blessed day!

~Bethany :)