Friday, January 9, 2009


I am thinking today....thinking of how God is going to work in our lives during this challenging time.
I have a list here of concerns. I am not Worried is not the right word at all. Not that I don't worry....I am human after all. But I have learned through these trials that God has a much greater plan than me. It is sometimes necessary to have changes to get to the good stuff :)
Nonetheless, here is....

Bethany's Official List of Concerns

My son S. and his behavior...praying it will improve and we will all be happier! He is maturing slowly, but I prefer he moves ahead a little quicker before he gets himself into more trouble. We are thinking of trying new medication...I'm am leery of side effects. What is going to work best for him?

Our vehicle 'issue'. We have a minivan and a Ford Fusion. The Fusion is a lease and we are unable to keep it due to Mark's job loss. If we wake up one morning and do not see it, we will know why (I's not a pretty situation)! We have a little money put away for a used beater car....but my concern is that we find one that is reliable and fitting for our large family. Ideally, we need a 12 passenger van.

My son A. and his future plans. We have an idea where he may go to college...but he needs scholarships!!! Should he pursue elsewhere or keep trying for his 1st pick?

My student teaching placement....will my finanial aid cover class cost? Will we survive with me working 1/2 time, student teaching full-time and RA?? Will the mentor teacher and I be fast friends? What am I getting myself into???

Mark's need for a stenograph machine for school. How can we afford this? Can our lawyer friend find one he can borrow or buy cheaply (these things are $1500 or more!). We need to pray that Dave, our lawyer friend, can find one of these devices!

So...that's it!
I'll keep ya posted on how God will work in our lives!


~Bethany :)

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