Friday, January 16, 2009


Hello! It was so darn cold today that they cancelled school for the whole county! (Or it least it would seem that way). Mark's kids were off today anyway so we got them early (last night) so I'm sure they are ALL (all 7) having a wonderful time at home now....while I am working! Poor Mark...home alone with the kids....stuck indoors. We'll see what the damage is when I return.

AH...they will be fine I'm sure. I am the one that struggles with taking care of all 7...Mark is WAY more patient than me. My biggest problem is that I don't like conflict....which isn't quite realistic for a person in my position! lol

It looks like Mark may have found a stenograph machine for around $500. That is one great deal. So, one of my 'concerns' listed below has been taken care of :) Course, free is always better...but it doesn't always work out that way!

I took S., my 13 year old, to the Dr. yesterday for an evaluation concerning his ADHD. We are going to try a new med. I know....I don't like it. But honestly, if he is going to survive into adulthood, he is going to need some help! It may just be temporary. I don't even know if this medication will work for him. I think we tried this one when he was in 4th grade and he slept during class. Now that he is older, we will see if he has the same side effect. Mark and I went to his school yesterday morning to see his drama class put on a short was cute. They did 3 fairy tales that were a bit 'off' a funny way. S. was a messenger in one story and a wolf in the other. He did good. Next week, he starts practice for the big Spring Musical....

We are thinking about taking the kids to the movies tomorrow....I wonder if "Hotel for Dogs" is any good?

We had a good conversation with the kids last night about being light in the's interesting to hear Mark's kids talk about the contrasts they see with the kids in public school as opposed to the kids they knew in their former Christian school. Mark's daughter, J., seems very comfortable sharing the gospel! That's good, cause for the rest of us, it isn't so easy! I hope she is able to feel the same as she gets older...that is truly a gift.

We enjoy talking with the kids...seems the best time is in the evening before bed. They share about school, pets, awkward situations....they will bring up prayer requests. S. (my 13 year old) will usually say over and over, "Okay, let's go to bed--come on guys...are you done yet??". Nice, eh? Now, if we were watching a movie, he wouldn't say a thing! He'd stay up all night! Must be related to ADD.....sigh...

Back to work!!


~Bethany :)

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