Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Day Off

Yesterday, being Martin Luther King Day and all, made it possible for me to spend some time with my boys!

The day started slowly...we slept in while Mark left early (to pick up his new stenograph machine!). Well...except G., the 6 year old, came into my room before I was awake to make his presence known. He's very chipper in the morning you know. All I remember saying is, "G., can you let me sleep a little longer? Maybe find a few books to read? Something quiet to do? Huh?". That worked for all of, oh, 5 minutes! Wouldn't you know, this morning, when I had to get up for work, he slept in!

Anyway, the boys all had appointments to get their teeth cleaned...it was the only day I had! So, we got a bite to eat beforehand and drove over to our new dentist's office.

See, when Mark lost his job, we lost dental insurance (along with health insurance of course). We immediately applied for Medicaid for the kids. There are only two dentists in our area that accept Medicaid. When you pull up to some of these places, you never know what you are going to get! As we rode the elevator up to the second floor, A., my 18 year old, said something about having Medicaid before and having to use 'lesser' medical care...in so many words. He wasn't upset about it...just making that recognition, that's all.

I immediately thought of missionaries. When they come back to the states for their furlough, what would they use for medical insurance? Their options are to either pay for their own plan or apply for Medicaid (I am assuming?). And what do the adults do? Medicaid is only for children., people with disabilities and Senior Citizens, right?

Anyway, we are so very fortunate to have what we have....even if the dentist doesn't provide handheld games or a prize box! The boy's appointment went well...G. was so excited that he was able to sit 'like a good boy' and have a cleaning! He was satisfied with a sticker and a new toothbrush :) I was thrilled that all 3 boys were cavity-free!

We then proceeded to the mall--one of my favorite indoor activities! I was able to find G. some new tennis shoes at Marshall's (I love that store) and I treated the boys to an Aunt Annie's pretzel. I wonder what the fat content is in one of those suckers? It's gotta be high!!

To top off the day, Mark and I went out for 'Date Night'. We ate Chinese and went shopping at Target....life is good :)

Now, it's back to work and the boys are back at school. But it's not just another day....we officially have a new President! He will need lots of prayer!!!


~Bethany :)

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