Sunday, January 25, 2009

January 25

Guess what??

I am OFF on Monday and Tuesday! I thought I was only off on Monday, but I checked my planner after church and I was so happy to see I have two whole days off!!

Let's hope I use my time wisely :)

I would LOVE to say that I am going to give the whole house a thorough cleaning, move furniture around to liven up the drab environment and maybe even start my scrapbook project for Alex! Realistically, I will probably lounge around a bit, clean a little and spend time with Mark and the kids :)

Church was so FUN this morning! I love singing in the choir! I love singing in general!--I'm so blessed to be able to sing (to have a voice) and to have such an awesome church home. If the special that we did today goes on our church webcast, I will definitely post it on here!

We had a great talk with all the kids today about angels and the Spiritual Realm that we are unable to see. Mark and I were talking about it last night after the kids had gone to bed....we've never really discussed that topic with them before. It's important that they know that it is part of us as Christians. Anyway, the kids were interested and made several good points...asked many questions!

S. (my 13 year old) seems to be doing well with this new medication. We started at 40 mg and the Dr. suggested to try 60 mg after four days...well, S. was not able to keep it down if you know what I mean. So, Mark talked with the Dr. and even though that could have been a fluke and he could have thrown up due to several other reasons, we asked if S. could continue on the 40 mg for now. I mean, it doesn't even really start to work for two weeks. It's been 10 days and there already seems to be a change for the better. We are seeing that S. isn't getting as upset as usual and he is more calm....less anxious and more satisfied. OH, I am praying that this will help him! He is such a talented, sweet young man...God can use him for mighty things!!! He's been struggling for so very long....

I am at work. On Sunday. Until midnight. I am thankful to have this job! I'd just rather be home with the family on Sunday night :(

I should hear something about my student teaching internship soon. I am waiting for confirmation that my application has been accepted so I can prepare. Life is going to be a challenge for those 3 months!

I must go for now!


~Bethany :)

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