Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I hope everyone was able to eat CHOCOLATE today :)
Mark gave me a really beautiful, fragrant, purple flower (a Hyacinth?). He also gave me some chocolate...special, fancy mint M & M's and Starbucks truffles of some sort....very yummy! And a sweet card of course...he always knows just what to say! I am very blessed to have such a wonderful husband...I know that sounds corny, but it is the complete TRUTH! I just gave him lots of candy :)
There wasn't much time to prepare for Valentine's Day this year. Sheesh. What a week. make matters worse, Gabe got sick! Mark had to pick him up from school yesterday because he had thrown up :( I took him into the Dr.'s this morning....strep throat again!! This is the 3rd time this school year. I think some parents are allowing their wee ones to go to Kindergarden sick.
So, yesterday, Mark's ex wasn't feeling so well either. It sounded like she was coming down with a stomach flu...which is not good...since the kids could all get hit with it. We decided NOT to pick up the kids last night due to their mom's mystery sickness and Gabe's. This morning, we checked on the ex and she was still feeling bad, but the kids seemed fine....although we still had the issue with Gabe. When we found out it was strep, we still thought it best to not pick up the kids....since he will be contagious until he's on medication for 24 hours.
Here I am...working a few hours, while Mark and my boys are home. It's so weird because, on Saturdays, the house is always bustling with all our 7 kids! And today, it was so very quiet.
Maybe we will get them tomorrow...
Spring cannot come fast enough!!
Again, Happy Valentine's Day--I pray you feel loved today!
~Bethany :)

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