Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sam's Mission Trip...and Other Notes of Interest :)

SQUIRREL!  (This isn't part of the mission trip-ha!  It was supposed to go on the bottom of the post...sigh)
This is Sam, Katie and Drew....
Mark and I went to a special 'Parent's Night' during the week of Sam's trip.  It was neat to be able to see all the kids....most mission trips aren't this close to home! 
This is Sam and Joe....Joe is the middle school pastor and was Sam's small group leader last year.
These are cool!  They are little bags with each kid's name on them.  When another student sees someone doing an act of kindness or doing an act of service above and beyond, a note is written and dropped in their bag.  It shows them affirmation and gives them encouragement during the week. 
More singing!  Side note:  At the church in Detroit, Sam was able to sing and play his guitar for their worship time! 
This is when the group went in front of the church for prayer....  Sam is in the plaid shirt, looking away :)  You can't tell from this, but there were around 135 kids altogether!
This past weekend, we went to see a colonial reenactment.  Did women and children really go on the battlefield?  I'll have to research that!
Alex (blue shirt) went on a bike adventure with some of his old friends from high school!  They rode 70 miles altogether (they camped for one night).  Oh, to be young again! 
I guess that is all for now :)  
I have been a little sickish due to an RA flareup.  My Dr. is prescribing a new infusion drug, so hopefully, that will help!  
I'm doing a family photo shoot today and a high school Senior tomorrow!  Woohoo!  

~Bethany :)


Hannah said...

visiting from Friday friend follow! Cool pictures, and BTW women and children did go to many battles in history. They were the ones who cooked and cleaned and sometimes helped the wounded. Well not the children LOL. Hope you have a great weekend!

Mommy2Four said...

Looks like a wonderful time! My son's a boyscout, and we're currently working on his biking merit badge....... somehow, I got signed up as one of the parents who have to ride too.......

So, we've done the 10 mile, today is the 15 mile........but we still have 25 mile and a 50 mile to go! :::gulp::: So, ask your son how that was for me! lol

Bethany said...

Hi Hannah--thanks for stopping by! When we went to the reenactment, the wives and children were standing right behind the soldiers! I never knew they got that close. One man there said that the guns were usually not strong enough to reach a target across the battlefield, but sheesh! How scary.
Anyway--have a great day!

L-I can bike about 10 miles but that is about it! lol So, um...have fun! I hope you have a good bike? That makes a big difference. What a nice momma :)