Monday, August 2, 2010

Comparing Notes...

Gabe to Girl:  ", how did you break your arm?  Is that waterproof?? I broke mine in an inflatable accident."
Girl to Gabe:  "Oh wow...really??  Yeah.  It's pink and waterproof.  I broke mine on a ladder."
~Bethany :)


Mommy2Four said...

LOL..... cute! Not an inflatable accident!

BTW, if you wanted some help making a button, just let me know! We can chat on facebook, or something and I can make one for you.

I need to put myself to bed now! I'm up WAY TOO LATE! 4am comes fast!

Bethany said...

Hi Lindsay!
That would be so cool! I'd like to make one...even if it is just for the experience :)
(my poor little blog is still mostly unknown!)
I know what you mean about being up late....I work in the a.m. and then come home to hang out with Mark and the kids...then, I want to play with photos and 2 to 3 hours goes by SO fast! Ugh.
I need to start doing some of those little challenges/contests on other would help me learn more.
I still have no idea what to do with Photoshop. I may have to pay for a class!
I am doing a 'renewing of vows' gig on Aug. 14th. I'm excited! There are going to be 12 couples altogether and I am focusing on one couple that I know. (Course, I will take everyone's pic I'm sure).
When are you doing that one shoot you mentioned? Is it done?

Myrtle's Turtles said...

i really like the lighting in these picks. How did you achieve that? i used to do a lot of photography as a teen but i have forgotten EVERYTHING! I also like the bubble picture!