Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Camera ~ New Pictures!

My husband was kind enough to buy me a very SWEET camera!

(It's an early birthday present)

Course, he uses it too :)

Here are a few of our first ones.




Mommy2Four said...

Beautiful! Looks like you're having a blast with your new camera. I love pool pictures. I have a bunch on my camera just begging to be played with....but tomorrow, I have to go to my 4th grade daughter's "Literary Luau", so I figured I'd wait till after to load them all in!

Bethany said...

Thanks! I am going to try my best to be a better picture taker/blogger :)
Even if only a few people see it, it makes me feel like I am doing something creative!
I'll keep checking your blog.
We're going to a water park this weekend...so, hopefully, I'll get some good shots :)
Have fun at the luau!
Ooh...and thanks for leaving me a note!