Monday, June 28, 2010

~Random Mind Monologue~


I'm at work now, typing this inbetween calls.  I'm an interpreter for the deaf, and I make phone calls ALL day for those that use a video phone.  It's quite interesting :) 
My stepkids are with us more these days.  In the summer, we have them 3 days, then 4 days a week...alternating.  Except when there are exceptions.  Like, when we go on vacation together, we'll keep them for a whole week and so on.  As time goes on, it is a little easier to handle time with the kids.  There is less bitterness and guess it is easier for the kid's mom to let them stay with us.  Does that make sense?  They are getting older now and she is busier with her work and such.  Maybe her perspective has changed.  Either way, it is easier! 
Alex, the oldest, is still here.  He seems to be having a blast!  I'm glad he has this opportunity, to serve God as a camp counselor for kids that may have never known His love without this camp experience.  Alex will be back home in mid-July....he'll hang out with us until summer's end.
I need to think of ways to keep Sam busy.  He's 14 and restless.  We're going on vacation pretty soon, so that will help.  He's going on a mission trip with our church in August.  I'll try to find ways to 'fill in the blanks' as needed :) 
The other kids are doing well.  It takes all of our energy to keep them in line and busy :)  This past weekend, we went to a park with two other will be posted later today (I hope!). 
After work, I am taking one of the girls shopping.  She only has a few pairs of shorts.  We try Salvation Army 1st.  It's my favorite :)
Tonight, we're having our last planning meeting for the MEGA Southland Youth Reunion!  I will participate via Skype....everyone else is local but me.  The planning for this reunion has been in process for over a year--it's FINALLY happening!  SO exciting :)

Until Soon....
~Bethany :)

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