Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Random News & Events

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

Here is what's been going on with our family!

*Precision Mobile Bicycle Services, Mark's new business, is well....kind of slow. Nothing much has happened. A few repair jobs have been made, but that's it. Mark just finished his semester at school/college and is now going to give the business a good push and see how it goes. We're praying that God will bless his efforts and help the business become profitable for our family. It's even more of an issue now since Mark's unemployment benefits have been exhausted.


*Speaking of college....
Today is Alex's last day of his first year of college! He has two finals to take and he's DONE. Mark is going to pick him up tomorrow. The concern for him now is summer. Alex applied to a camp to be a counselor. He was accepted but the thing is, this camp is sort of a mission-type situation. In order for the kids to attend (mostly inner-city, low income children) the counselors need to raise moeny ($3500!) to assist in this...and also to get paid at the end of it all. So far, Alex has not gotten any sponsors. So, we're not exactly sure how this will work. Alex seems dead set on going...he has lots of faith! But in my mind, I'd really like him to pursue the camp but also make alternate plans...just in case.

*Sam will be playing the role of Aladdin in his school play NEXT WEEK! Very exciting :)

*Last weekend, we went on a Family Mission Trip with other families from our church. It was SO much fun!!! We went to Center Lake Bible Camp --- beautiful! It was nice to work alongside the kids and not hear any whining or bickering (or, at least not too much). A few kids tried to fish during our free time and Alyssa and I went canoeing.

More to come later! I'm working and should be, er...paying attention!


~Bethany :)

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