Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hiney Shot

No...there isn't a picture of a hiney on here! lol

But yesterday, I was able to get a shot in my hiney! That means, my RA will subside for awhile until I can get an infusion at the hospital. Sheesh!

I talked with someone in the billing department at the hospital and she said to go ahead and get my infusion and they will wait to bill Medicare. Hopefully, Part B will be reinstated soon!

The other issue is I have a cold. I cannot get an infusion if I am sick. Nor can I get a flu shot. So, for now, I am 'on hold'.

Speaking of 'on hold', I am at work and my client and I are 'on hold' as I write! Ahh...the life of a phone operator for the deaf.

Tonight, we are going to take Sam out to dinner and to Target to buy a little something for his b-day...which was 2 weeks ago. We are planning to go to church as well. Gabe memorized two verses this week for Awana. Pretty soon, he'll get a new patch! :)

Not much news from Alex. I keep trying to call him but he doesn't answer or call back :( He was fighting a cold too...last I heard.

That's all for now!


~Bethany :)

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