Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Busy Days...


I haven't written much lately. We've been busy with school, work, etc.

The most exciting venture is Mark's new bicycle repair business--more on that soon!

I don't seem to have time to blog in the evening. We are busy EVERY night!

Monday - Small Group
Tuesday - Mark has class
Wednesday - Awana/Oasis (aka--church!)
Thursday - Mark has class and I have choir (can you believe that practice has started for the CHRISTMAS PROGRAM?????)
Friday - Arrival of step-children (meaning....more busy times!)

I feel like I have SO much to do-especially regarding 'paperwork'. Such as, Medicare apparently stopped providing me with doctor visits (Part B). Why? I have to call them when I am done with work today. I'm sure there is no easy solution. We pay them. Why is there a problem?

Yeah....'issues' such as these keep popping up and they are quickly growing into a huge pile of issues.

Oh well.

Alex is doing well in college! And the other kids haven't complained once about their new school year! Gabe has a runny nose though....he usually gets sick within the 1st few weeks.

I'll post more soon---and some new pics too!


~Bethany :)

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