Monday, August 10, 2009

"Not Me" Monday!

(I've never done this before--how exciting!)
This is a game that MckMamma created so that we can all have the opportunity to
'voice' our mistakes/ I really want to join???
SURE! Why not??
Here it goes....
~I did NOT eat a huge chocolate chip cookie and a handful of Bugles last night at the Loscher's home. NO way...not after doing so well eating healthy for these past 3 weeks. Not me!
~I did not get to work today, set up my station and cringe when I saw myself on the video phone....I was not horrified by the unsightly cellulite on my upper arms. didn't bother me whatsoever.
~I never check on my 6 year old son to see if he is breathing each night....he's too old for me to do that. I'm never paranoid about our kids and their safety!
~I am also not upset about my oldest son going to college in a few weeks. I am CONFIDENT he will always have good food to eat, clean clothes to wear and wonderful, Christian friends to hang out with. I am not concerned about his safety AT ALL.
~I did NOT enjoy singing in the choir at church this past weekend....those people drive me insane! :)
Okay...there you have it. My first "Not Me" Monday entry. That wasn't too tough....all that lying! lol
Next time, I'm sure I will have more to offer.
~Bethany :)

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