Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Days of Our Lives

And these...are the days of our lives! (At least, most recently!)
*No more training wheels! Yep--Gabe and Jordan are riding fancy and free these days! Here is a proud Gaby with Mark a few weeks ago.

NOTE: As I attempt to write this post, I seem to be unable to format it to my liking--UGH! Well, anyway, I'll explain the pictures in the awkward way! (Everytime I post a picture, it moves everything around!)

*Those huge inflatable balls? Alyssa and Sam are in there. Isn't that a strange toy? We had a lot of fun at Mark's brother's lake house a few weeks ago...all kinds of things to do!

*Those bikers are Alex and Mark. The past several months have been filled with biking trails, getting muddy and spending ungodly amounts of money on bicycles and parts! But...they are having fun! I have even joined in and have been riding my bike a few times a week. We have ventured out with all the kids a few times as you know how difficult it is to tote 9 bicycles in two cars?? It's insane. Truly.

*Just for fun, I gave Gabe a mohawk a week or so ago. He looks adorable :)
Jordan was really digging it and wanted to get chopped as well, but alas, his mother was not in favor of the drastic change. We respected her wishes and opted for lots of gel and hairspray instead. (another one of those step-family can't just cut hair whenever you please!).
Their 'after' picture is at the top., I posted the pictures with the intent of writing explainations beside (or under) each. I have to figure out how to format this a bit better.
SO...these pictures offer a little insight as to the current "Day's of Our Lives"!
~Bethany :)

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