Thursday, July 23, 2009


My current life activity consists of the following...

*Alex's graduation party is in two days. I have not, I repeat, HAVE NOT done much of anything to prepare for this day! My biggest concern is making a photo banner for Alex. That will take some time and effort!!

*My dad is recovering from surgery in the hospital and I have to visit with him and take care of his dog. Unfortunately, I ran off this morning with Dad's house key and Mark could not walk Buddy....he is going to be holding it for awhile while I work and then visit dad today. Poor thing....

*Mark left. He went with his brother Brad to Kentucky for a funeral this morning and will not be back until tomorrow night.

*I MUST send Alex's scholarship checks to MSU today. I must also send copies of financial records to Kentucky Child Support. I don't have time for this today!!!

*I haven't seen my children in two days. Literally. Two days. The next 48 hours do not look very promising either.

*While all this is going on....Sam is at Young Artists Camp at Woodside this week and he needs to be picked up each day at 4:30 p.m. Tonight, Alex and I need to pick up a tent and deliver it to the Harris's for the grad party Saturday. Did I mention it is supposed to rain Saturday??

I'm whiny today...and tired. I haven't slept much. I'm at work, struggling to stay awake!

I started Weight Watchers a week ago. I am bummed because I haven't had any opportunity to excerise in the past two days....I had been doing SO well!!



~Bethany :)

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