Monday, June 15, 2009


RELIEF is the one word to describe how I feel after finishing student teaching--that's right--I'm DONE!!! I cannot explain how happy I am to be free from college! I thought student teaching would be different. I was excited about it at first. After a few weeks, I found that it was going to be quite different than what I had imagined! There are a lot of negative topics I could discuss, but's not worth it.

I have neglected my blog for so long! I know...nobody reads it, but still!

Let's see....instead of elaborating on all that has been happening, I'll do bullet points :)
( they are asterisks--sue me!)
*Today, I am officially done with my Masters program.
*On June 5th, Alex, the 18 year old son, graduated from high school with honors.
*On June 2nd, Sam, the 13 year old son, sang a solo-"Yesterday" (The Beatles song)-and played guitar at his spring choir concert.
*Alyssa, the 14 year old daughter, started pre-band camp today for marching band. She is officially starting high school!
*On June 27th, I will graduate at Ford Field (I am wearing a hood on my gown!).
*July 5th, Alex leaves for a mission trip to JAMAICA!!
*On July 22nd, we are having Alex's graduation party.

Other than that, there is not much new! Gabe finished Kindergarten and Jordan finished 1st grade. Jules will be going to MIDDLE SCHOOL...which is insane!!! The kids are all moving on up to bigger and better things! Lord...keep them near!!

That is all for now!


~Bethany :)

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