Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day, etc.

I'm not exactly sure what to do for Father's Day.... Mark is an incredible dad and I don't think that anything I do will be adequate. I have a plan for the kids to make him a card...which we need to do quickly. And I thought about making quiche for breakfast...which he would really like. But I need to go to the grocery store....and right now, I am working. When I am done working at 7 p.m., I need to get home so we can go visit our friends. We're going to their house to have a bonfire and make smores! When will I go to the grocery store?

What about MY father? Sheesh.

On Monday, we are getting a family picture taken at a local park. My friend at work, she is an amatuer photographer. She took pics for our wedding too. That was the last time the whole family was in some type of formal group shot! Do you know how difficult it is to find clothing for this type of event??? I decided on natural-looking colors....yellows, browns, and orange...then, we could all wear khaki on the bottom (shorts, capris, etc.). I was going to take the two girls to get their hair styled...but I can't find the phone number of the girl who does it out of her home. And I sure can't afford it at the salon! SO....looks like I will be doing hair that day too! Jules is easy...last week, we tried to 'flip up' her ends and it worked! Looked really cute. Alyssa is a different story...she has stubborn hair! I think I'll just try to straighten it and then maybe put a few pins in to keep it out of her face.

I'll post it here after I get copies!, I am not ready for Father's Day. And Stellan (the baby at the top right of my blog) is sick again and in the hospital. That is frustrating.

Other than that---did I tell you how relieved I am to be DONE WITH STUDENT TEACHING!!!???


~Bethany :)

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