Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Birthday

On July 9th, I had my 38th (38th!!) birthday. I must confess.....it's getting a bit harder to 'celebrate' being almost 40 :) Not that 40 is a bad thing. It's just strange. I don't feel my age.
Several times in the past few years, I've noticed little girls running around in tiaras. Meaning, they wear them for playing dress up or for their birthday. I've even seen women wearing them at a nearby downtown-type festival. I guess it was 'ladies night' and one of the stores gave out tiaras for a special prize. Anyway, I've never had a tiara!
Until now! Mark gave me one for my birthday :) It looks almost like this picture. I should have shown you the picture he took of me with the kids...but I haven't downloaded it off my camera just yet. Now I have my very own tiara. I have NO idea when I will wear it! I guess I can for each birthday....maybe again for a costume party of some sort.
Mark is the best husband I could ever ask for. He's absolutely perfect for me. And yes, he spoils me a little (okay...a LOT). Thank you Lord for giving me the best gift EVER--my husband!

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