Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I figure since I am at work (again) that I could at least explain what I do :)

I am a nationally certified Interpreter for the Deaf. At this time, I am a video relay interpreter...which is essentially a phone operator. Deaf individuals call us on their videophone and we can see them on our computer screen (and they can see us)...they will give us a phone number and we call it. After we are connected, I say my line ("This is Interpreter # ____ and I have a video relay call for you") and if they don't hang up (smile), I will interpret the call for the Deaf individual. It's quite exciting!

Use this link to find out more:
Actually, I was going to put a video on here, which would be even better...but I couldn't figure out how to do it! Dang...

I like my job...for the most part. There are stressful times, just like any job I figure. I love the Deaf community, so that helps :)


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